10 Marketing Tips To Increase Sales for 2019

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10 Marketing Tips To Increase Sales for 2019

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1. Use Adwords’ heat map script.

Few businesses get the most out of Adwords and other PPC tools. One reason why is they don’t dig into the data.

Adwords scripts will help you fix this with detailed reporting on what works and when along with what doesn’t.

“The heat map script makes it a lot easier to see data patterns, and heat maps are a great way to gain insight into how website visitors behave on your website.

The script takes the metrics of your choice, totals them from each hour of the day, and places the results in a Google spreadsheet. You can get helpful insights as to which hour of the day you receive the most impressions, conversions, and clicks on your ads. Then adjust your bids accordingly to maximize performance.”

Adwords Heat Map Script Report Solodev

PC: Solodev

For more details, view this guide: Getting Started with Adwords Scripts

2. Retarget viewers after they leave your site.

You probably spend a lot of time and effort driving traffic to your website. But what do you do with all the people who come to your site and leave without converting?

Well, you can use services like Adroll or a Facebook pixel to show those “lost” viewers ads across the web to bring them back to your site – a process known as retargeting.

“Many times a marketing campaign will be designed to initially get people to take notice of a business. While that is important, it is crucial to follow up after that ad with another ad. Repetition is key, especially when it comes to getting people to pick up the phone and call you, or drive to your business, etc.”

3. Show ads sequentially.

It can be difficult to offer value or a compelling call-to-action in the space of an online ad. But what if you could show your targets a series of ads in a specific order so that your message comes through loud and clear?

That’s what sequential targeting can do for you.

“When focusing on reach and frequency to a specific audience, you can leverage [Facebook’s] sequential targeting feature, which allows you to deliver up to 50 ads in a set order. This helps build a narrative of your company and products for your customers, increasing their likelihood to consider and covert.”

Sequential targeting is a feature on many advertising platforms.

Facebook Sequential Advertising Screenshot

4. Find lookalike audiences.

You’ve got your current customers, and you want more people just like them. Right? The question is, how do you find those people?

Some ad platforms will use cookies to track and find other people like those spending the most time on your site. Others, like Facebook and LinkedIn, let you upload a list of email addresses (like those of your current customers), and find others, similar people to show your ads to.

This will help you get more customers and has other benefits.

“Facebook [and others] use machine learning to identify potential customers who are similar to your current customers. It will then show your ads to those people. It’s a great way to get a really high relevance score on your ad, and therefore reduce your cost per click.”

5. Start using Google My Business messaging.

A Google listing is a staple of digital marketing, and now viewers can message (text) your business directly from it. Since most web traffic is mobile and most people want to message a business, this is a great way to generate more leads from search.

“Just as you can call or click on a website through Google, customers can now chat with you to find out pertinent business information that may help their purchase decisions. Go to the Google My Business page for your business, and click Messaging on the left side menu. You have to add a [textable] phone number to be verified by Google. Then your customers can message away!”

Text Request Google Listing and Reviews

6. Promote your content besides better ranking content.

It can be difficult to get one of your pages ranked at the top of search results, but it can be easy to display your content at the bottom of an article that does rank at the top.

You can do this using the “sponsored content” sections at the bottom of articles on reputable sites.  explains:

“It is so easy and cheap to get started with native advertising [platforms] such as Taboola or Outbrain. These are the ads that appear at the bottom of most newspaper websites [and other publishers] that look like articles. If you target the right ad at the right audience, you can get as good quality traffic as Google or Facebook at half the cost or less.”

7. Send out local beacon notifications.

Depending on your business, you might rely on foot traffic. Or maybe you have an event going on that you want part of the community to know about.

You can use beacon notifications (also called “nearby notifications”) to get your message, promotion, or coupon, out to the smartphones of people in a nearby area.

“Beacons are a simple technology. All they do is push out a Bluetooth signal. The smart bit is what the phone does with the signal [turning it into a push notification]. It’s a great way to know who might just need a final incentive to buy. They are also great at attracting customers.”

8. “Like” your competitors’ bad reviews.

Anytime a competitor gets a bad review, it’s probably a good day. The question is: How can you take advantage of that bad review without being a jerk?

“The person doesn’t have any notifications, so they will notice our, or our client’s, ‘like.’ Then, seeing we are in the same niche, they will more often than not check out our website. Obviously, they are currently not happy with the service they are getting, and are much more likely to source alternatives. We’d never bad mouth a competitor, that is poor form. But a subtle ‘like’ can and does do wonders.”

9. Take over Google’s featured snippets.

You might have noticed that when you search on Google, there is sometimes a large article preview shown before the standard title and meta listings. It’s great for your brand (and potentially your traffic) to get in these previews, called “featured snippets.”

Google Featured Snippet Screenshot for Text Request

You don’t control who or what gets shown (Google does), but there is a lot you can do to turn the odds in your favor. According to Zak Cole of Apposite Technologies:

“First, find a keyword your site is ranking for on the first page. Then figure out how to provide a definition for that keyword. Ideally, this definition is around 50 words. You can also cross reference a site called answerthepublic.com, which will provide you with a list of common questions people ask based on that keyword.”

10. Get more leads with a Click-to-Text button.

Most website traffic comes from mobile devices, and texting is the most used feature on a mobile phone (even more than the internet). So it makes sense that people should be able to text your business straight from your website.

That’s what Click-to-Text does.

Click-to-Text Screenshot

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